CB1300 Turbo

Jonathan’s CB1300 Turbo – With BST wheels

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cb1300 turbo

Jonathan’s other bike with BST Wheels
and MWR Racing air filter.

Jono's CBR

What does Jono say about the wheels?


“I would recommend these hoops to any rider just because they are the best investment for performance. Boom.”

Honda 2006 CB1300S Turbo

At well over 200 kgs & 236 rwhp this beast is quite a bit to get around corners when I first put the BST’s on I couldn’t believe how light the steering was and I would turn in way too early for the bends. It felt more like a 600 which is no mean feat considering the upright riding position and heavy bus compared with your average sports bike. The back wheel spins up a lot quicker and of course the front wheel lofts sky wards with ease which isn’t always a good think if your trying to be in control. The brakes are left standard except for the braided lines so it is never going to stop like my  cbr but definitely stops quicker than standard. The BST’s are the best suspension update you can do to your bike I upgraded both front and rear shocks with Gold Tech which was essential and then added the wheels which was magic. Of course they look horn as well which is just the icing on the cake.

Honda 2008 cbr 1000 Race Bike

This Bike is a piece of kit and way more capable than my ability to ride it. The differences in improvements to handling between the race bike and the turbo are huge which didn’t surprise me at all. The suspension on the cbr is top rate and also running slicks. However I have no doubt that fitting the BST’s is an improvement but still finding my limits. I would have liked to try the BST’s on a standard Sports bike on the road.